Fire & Smoke Restorations

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A fire can be a devastating, life-changing event and often means a major loss to the insured, both in property damage and the loss of personal contents.

We understand the emotional impact that is associated with this type of catastrophic event, and we are ready to assist by getting you back into your home as efficiently and safely as possible. To achieve that goal, we employ a number of specialized products and services that remove soot damage, water damage, odors and other fire residue in order to restore your home to its original condition.

Fire, smoke, soot, and odor damage are a direct consequence of a fire. Smoke travels through a building following many paths that can negatively impact areas that are far removed from the main source of fire. Our experienced team members have the training and certification needed to evaluate the extent of damage, meet with the insurance adjusters and complete all necessary restoration work.

We promise to provide a professional and respectful approach to all cleanup, recovery, restoration and renovation services.

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Hard Content Restoration

Cleaning systems such as our Fire line Cleaning System involve ultrasonic cleaning using cleaning solutions and sound waves to clean. Dirt, soot and debris are literally blown off with sound. Sound waves penetrate deep into crevices where typical cleaning agents and manual agitation can’t reach. Cleaning temperatures can reach over 140c; disinfection of contaminated items can also be reached during this cleaning phase.

Electronic cleaning and decontamination is a relatively new technology where electronic contents are able to be cleaned and restored to their pre loss condition and able to be recertified into use after a water or minor fire loss. This restoration not only benefits the environment through reduced landfill, it also ensures the items are clean, deodorized and safe for re-use. Not all items are repairable after a loss and the same goes for electronic restoration. Each item is carefully assessed for evaluation before cleaning is attempted.

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Soft Contents Restoration

Clothing, bedding, furniture and other “soft” items require specific cleaning processes to safely deodorize and eliminate potential lingering odours from smoke. Category 2 (grey) and category 3 (sewage) loss require specific cleaning to return them to their pre loss condition. Our commercial laundering facility and equipment is capable of cleaning smoke odors and soot from clothing and disinfecting from category 2 and 3 water contamination. In fact, many of the products and equipment we use are the same as in many Regional Hospitals.


“We are very satisfied with the professionalism and workmanship of A L Gullison and would be happy to recommend them to anyone in need of their services. The work was done methodically and premises clean upon completion”- Phil

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