Fire Damage

A fire can be a devastating, life-changing event and often means a major loss to the insured, both in property damage and the loss of personal contents.

Every fire is unique given the variety of building materials in many homes today. Different combinations of burning materials results in a variety of types of smoke and damage. As specialists in the restoration industry our staff are trained to deal with a variety of types of smoke remediation techniques using specialized cleaning products to alleviate lingering smoke odors from homes.

With each unique fire and smoke situation, pressurized smoke and odor can permeate through a home structure through plumbing systems, cracks and crevices and be absorbed into building materials. The odor causing residue can be difficult to eliminate without the use of specialized equipment.

Each fire claim is unique in our assessment of cleaning versus demolition. We work with you and your insurance carrier to properly assess damage in your home and provide a recommended scope of repairs bearing in mind your coverage limit, and provide this to you in writing.