Wind & Storm Damage

Windstorm, hail and lightning storms can create massive destruction including severe roof damage. When wind or hail damage occurs to your home, immediate protection of your home and contents is essential.

A.L. Gullison Ltd. staff understand their commitment to emergency response and are prepared to respond to your emergency situation through wind, rain, hail and snow to ensure your home is protected and safe for occupancy. Once a weather event has subsided our assessment team and restoration staff will restore your home to pre-loss condition.

Proper assessment of roof and siding damage from wind and storm can range from on-roof assessment to the use of scaffolding on larger homes for cause of loss assessment. This is no place for do-it-yourself roofers, proper safety equipment is required at all times, remember if someone falls off your roof You are liable for their safety, well-being… And injury.

In many cases whether your property is damaged by a tree limb, missing shingles or an identified water intrusion, mitigation work is focused on sealing the aperture and eliminating water intrusion during the storm event.

A.L. Gullison Ltd., as part of its emergency response and assessment tools, offers aerial drone imaging of damage to roof’s, siding and an overview of property, by its trained, licensed operators. Copies of the overall assessment report and scope of damage are provided to you and your insurance carrier. Given certain regulations by Transport Canada, not all properties are in an area where drones can fly and each property will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Our Drone operators carry an “Advanced Drone Operator's License".