Water Damage

Water and Flood damage are caused by many different situations. When water damage occurs an immediate response is required to remediate the situation. A.L. Gullison Ltd. is there for you in those times of need.

The severity of water damage is impacted by the type and class of water and duration of exposure. Our response to a sewer back up is far different in cleaning and disinfecting techniques compared to a fresh water supply line break. Our staff have undergone training through the Institute of Inspection cleaning and restoration certification body (IICRC) to properly classify each type of water damage and understand restoration and remediation techniques required for each unique circumstance.

Each home and business is unique in its construction and finishes which can drastically affect the absorption and penetration of water into the building structure. A. L. Gullison Ltd. has the experience, trained personnel, moisture detection, and thermal imaging technology to rapidly identify the full scope of water damage to your home and deploy the appropriate type and volume of drying equipment to deal with elevated levels of moisture in each case.

A.L. Gullison Ltd. water technician staff are trained through the IICRC body and carry the certification WRT, Water Restoration Technician.