Thermal Infrared Technology

Thermal Infrared Imaging Technology enables us to accurately trace the path the water has taken therefore limiting the damage required to expose wet areas. This type of inspection enables a household or business to return to its regular routine faster and with minimal inconvenience.

A thermal imaging camera is a device that translates thermal energy into visible light in order to analyze and object or scene. The color spectrum identified on the screen differentiates the temperature of every object in the scene. By using this technology we are able to identify non-visual abnormalities in the temperature of objects in a room. Using our moisture detection equipment validates the abnormality on the screen and, in effect, it leads us to the water without distructive or intrusive investigation.

Thermal imaging technology enables A.L.Gullison Ltd. technicians to accurately identify the source and the path the water has taken where it is not even visible on the surface.

The use of thermal imaging technology results in quicker more efficient and cost-effective identification of moisture in structures which results in more efficient and effective deployment of drying equipment as well as verification after the fact the property has in fact dried. It is this after-the-fact follow up verification that can eliminate any hidden or undetected moisture trapped in the structure which may facilitate the potential of mold growth in the future.

Thermal imaging technology is also beneficial for assessment of energy efficiency issues, lack and proper insulation, drafts and the like within a home.